join the KSC


As an integral member of the UK’s largest Catholic Lay Organization, you will be ivolved with over 5000 fellow Brothers of the Order and their families, located in over 340 Councils throughout the UK.

You will enjoy a sense of ‘belonging’ in an organization that shares your religious beliefs, brings together likeminded men in a common purpose and offers the opportunity to develop and cement friendships for years to come.

Your personal involvement as a Knight will provide opportunities for service to the Church at all levels; to your community and to those less fortunate in our midst.

Your active participation in council affairs, spiritually; fraternally and socially, will serve as an example to others and enable you to develop your own abilities.

You will share in the sense of pride that all Knights feel in knowing that their Order is second to none in support of Our Holy Father, the Hierarchy and Clergy; in working for our fellow man, especially those most in need.