works of mercy


A Knight of St. Columba works for the good of all, and will work diligently for the moral and social welfare of our community, placing particular emphasis on those to whom the future of the Church is entrusted, and all this through the Holy Spirit and Mary, our Patroness.

Our work as Lay Apostles is in the forefront of the Order’s Aims and Objectives. 

This work has been appreciated by the Hierarchies of England/Wales and Scotland to whom we give our full support. 

The Order contains a great amount of expertise on many subjects and at all levels and it is our duty to make good use of that expertise. 

By the promotion of our Action Policy we will be in a far better position to recruit new members, and therefore have more workers for the vineyard. 

The four main areas of our policy are – 

1. the Dignity of the Human Person, where we are involved in issues relating to Life, Human Rights and freedom; 

2. the support of the Family, where we work with and for the family in general, recognising and enhancing family values; 

3. the support of young people realising they are the future of the Church in the World; 

4. the People of God – the Spiritual Family, where we put into effect the gospel values, work for vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and work with other Christian lay organisations who share our values and principles.