JFMT Knights of St Columba

The John Foster Memorial Home 2019 - 2022

The John Foster Charitable Trust has been chosen as the National Action Project for the next three year.

The project involves demolishing the old original farmhouse following a fire and to build a purpose built house for 40 boys.

Including all facilities and solar power. We are setting the SMARTIE Challenge.

Buy a tube of smarties, enjoy them, keep the tube. Fill the tube with either 20p pieces or £1.coins  and then add them to our fund raising target of £60,000.


MISSIO 2015-2018

Between England & Wales, Scotland & The Knights of St Columba

The Knights of St Columba are delighted to be supporting Aid to The Lindalva Centre in Cambodia, founded in 2006 for the next 3 years.

The Lindalva Centre provides families with the support they need.  It offers a safe place for the children to go to school and receive lunch every day and provide a safe environment for local children.  There are three classes of 20 children in each, run by Sr Eulie from the Philippines.

Mary's Meals 2013 - 2015

Mary’s Meals, raised almost £300,00 to provide Hot meals and education for over one Million Children. Paid for the construction of a Kitchen and Class room in Kawanga in Northern Malawi.


Aid to the Church in Need 2011 -2013

ACN is a charity which helps Christians who are suffering and who are threatened by persecution, oppression and poverty. Founded in 1947, the charity is now at work in over 140 countries, offering the hope of Christ to the world.

Some Past National Action Projects

KSC Wells for Water
Help the Hospice

The vast majority of volunteer and charitable works carried out by the KSC is in response to the needs of the local community.

However, each year the Knights of St Columba as an Order, undertake to support financially, a charitable cause, as a National Action Project. Supreme Council may provide guidance on National Action Projects, but it is at the grassroots in the Councils and their members to whom the success of any ventures must be attributed.

National Action projects have resulted in the purchase of incubators for baby care units; a workshop for the production of artificial limbs for children in Ghana; a home for destitute children in Southern India and substantial grants to two homeless centers in London and Glasgow. In addition, an emergency relief fund is maintained to respond to National and International appeals for aid.

The most ambitious KSC National Action Project undertaken by the Order was; to provide the equivalent of at least 2000 bore-wells, supplying fresh clean water where none exists at present, in Africa and India. This was seen as a tangible way of marking the 2000 years since the birth of Christ and as a consequence the project was called The Jubilee Experience. Thanks to the generosity of local Council members, their families, friends, schools and members of the community in general, the project realised a total of £277.000; with all the proceeds raised being used to provide safe clean water, essential for human survival.

Another National Action Project, was designed to raise funds for the national charity ‘Help the Hospices’ . The charity, which exists to support more than 200 local hospices throughout the United Kingdom; provides support in various ways, including training bursaries for hospices and hospice staff, supporting major projects to develop hospice services, including research into palliative care, an awards scheme for hospice volunteers and an advice line for hospices, on charity law and taxation. The appeal raised funds in excess of £110,000.

In the National Action Project entitled ‘Partners in Health’, the Knights of St Columba, in conjunction with the Christian Aid charities CAFOD and SCIAF; raised funds for health projects in Third World Countries. The project with the emphasis placed on the provision of primary health care, using simple low-cost methods. These projects included providing clean water, child health care, education, drugs and projects to combat communicable diseases. The appeal raised funds totalling £140,000.

The National Action Project, saw the Knights of St. Columba launch a life-saving partnership with the Samaritans through a three-year fundraising scheme.

The ‘Unsung Heroes’ campaign which ran from October 2005 to October 2008 with the Knights of St. Columba raising funds in excess of £65,000 for the Samaritans – which has 183 branches nationwide.